From Granados to 'Gürtel': review of the last years of corruption in Spain


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More than 500 imputed and almost 1.700 cases opened in April, 2014. A social cost equivalent to 40.000 million Euros, according to a study published in 2013. The second position in the world where the sensation of corruption increases, according to an International Transparency report.

The Punic operation, which has caused Francisco Granados's detention, ex-number two of Esperanza Aguirre, and another half a hundred persons amongst politicians and businessmen, adding a grain of sand more to the enormous mountain of cases of corruption accumulated in Spain.

This is a revision of the last episodes of corruption in our country:


Corruption in Spain

Gürtel case

The investigation of the corrupt plot tied to the PP began to be investigated in 2009 by the judge at the time of the National Court, Baltasar Garzón. Headed by Francisco Correa, whose surname gives name to the case; Pablo Crespo, former Secretary of organization of the PP of Galicia; and Álvaro Perez 'El Bigotes'; the plot was dedicated to bribe the politicians of the PP with money and gifts in exchange for contracts for their companies.

These three prominent figures were the vertices of the triangle that the plot planned between Madrid, Galicia and the Valencian Community and they had Luis Bárcenas as an axis. He was a manager of the PP between 2004 and 2008 and treasurer between 2008 and 2009, and is the only one involved in this case who can be found in prison, after Correa has left prison in June 2012, three years after being imprisoned.

For the moment, after more than five years of trying this case, judge Garzón has been the only one condemned in a case that, besides by him, was also taken by Judge Antonio Pedreira and Paul Ruz, the current judge of the case.


The EU is preparing for two more years of border controls


Source: El Mundo

Inmigrantes en la frontera con EUFirst it came as background noise, later as warning. It became a threat and is now one step from being a grim reality. Schengen, the European area of free circulation, is now more than ever, on the verge of collapse. It was warned by the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, "we have less than two months to achieve a solution". And it has been made pristine by the secretaries of Interior of the EU in Ámsterdam, who already have asked, mostly, for the application of the article 26 of the Schengen Code, which eventually supposes the reintroduction of the border controls up to a maximum of two years.

"Deadlines are no longer sufficient", made clear the Secretary of State for Security and Justice of the Netherlands, Klaas Dijkhoff, whose country is EU president this semester. "They are not enough to resolve the current crisis and therefore is invoked article 26 and we ask the European Commission to look for other ways to continue with national measures to control borders, which unfortunately, are now necessary".


COP21: approves historic agreement on climate change at the Paris summit


Source: BBC World

Fabric in PoloniaThe Paris conference on climate change has finally borne fruit. The 195 countries meeting in that city approved a final agreement which is expected to enter into force early 2016.

The text, which was reached after two weeks of negotiations in the climate meeting COP21 now must be ratified by 55 countries representing at least 55% of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

This is the first agreement in which both developed countries and developing countries agree to manage the transition to a low carbon economy.

It sets the objective of achieving that higher temperatures are kept below two degrees Celsius and commits the signatories to "make efforts" to limit the increase in temperatures to 1.5 degrees compared to the pre- industrial era.


Attacks on Paris and the response of the EU


After the attacks in Paris the EU says 'yes' to defend France but every country will decide up to where it helps.

Attack in ParisSource: EL MUNDO

The Twenty-eight EU members have supported in an “unanimous" way the request of France in activating the community clause for the collective defence invoked in the Council of Ministers of Defence of the European Union after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

“France asked for help and assistance from whole Europe, and whole Europe, united, answered yes", declared the chief of diplomacy of the EU, Federica Mogherini, in a press conference during the celebration of the advisory board.

The Gallic Secretary of Defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian, corroborated from his part that "every country has said that it is going to help and will assist, each one will contribute in one way or another".

France has invoked in front of the European Union (EU) the article 42.7 of the community agreements that refers to the solidarity of the members states as for defence when someone of them suffers an armed assault, in this case the attacks of Paris.


The EU leaders and Africa address the causes of immigration


Source: El Diario

The EU leaders and Africa address the causes of immigration

Africa resists moving backwards but accepts more collaboration in exchange of a fund of 1.878 million Euros

Prime minister Mariano Rajoy, has celebrated on the summit between countries of the EU and Africa held in La Valeta, which was centred on measures to correct the "causes of origin" of the migration and not only urgent actions, because, he has said, "here neither fit magic formulas nor occurrences" to stop in the long term the massive arrival of irregular immigrants.

“The situation continues critical and needs a joint action, solidary, responsible and for a long-term of all the implied parts”,he declared in a press conference at the conclusion of the bi-regional summit.

Spain has set out its model for cooperation in the meeting with countries as Morocco, Senegal and Mauritania, as example to stop the migratory pressure with measures in coordination with the countries of origin and transit.

"The Europeans will have to have very clear that while this continues to be like this, the massive flow of immigrants' to our borders will not stop", insisted the prime minister.


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